My research interests are in understanding and accurately modeling the ocean through improved parameterizations of dynamically important processes.  This includes developing statistical estimation techniques for use with the Global Ocean Observing System for mapping ocean velocity and heat content using profiling floats (Argo, ALAMO), using satellite gravimetry (GRACE), satellite altimetry (Jason), and the development and application of new remote sensing techniques (e.g. GPS reflections).

I am also interested in understanding the dynamics of western boundary current jets, and their associated recirculation gyres and eddy fluxes, through the use of in-situ observations (KESS), high-resolution ocean general circulation models (CESM), and quasi-geostrophic process-model studies.

I also focus on the interactions of the ocean and atmosphere in tropical cyclones (ITOP).  Demonstrating the connections between the ocean’s tides, the conversion of the tide’s energy into internal waves over rough topography, the vertical mixing that results from breaking internal waves, and the impact of that mixing on the Earth’s climate.